In Gee Chun Lancaster Country Club Educational Foundation


Foundation Mission:

Following the heart and generosity of founding professional golfer In Gee Chun, the mission of the

In Gee Chun Lancaster Country Club Educational Foundation is to make a lasting impact in the Lancaster

community by providing scholarships for students seeking to achieve their educational and vocational goals.

Foundation Background:

Fireflies. That's what caught the eye of In Gee Chun on the night before her dramatic run to the 2015 U. S. Women's Open at our Club. What captured her heart was the support she felt from the members, volunteers and fans attending the event. Ever since then, she has been looking for the right way to give back to Lancaster and LCC. This year, she found it.

What began as a casual conversation regarding memorabilia from the Championship soon turned into a serious discussion about supporting our Club and our community. Not long into those discussions, the mission became clear - In Gee would assist the Club in the formation of a Foundation with the specific goal of helping others get an education - something that has always been of critical importance to her.

Who does the Foundation Support?

The Board of Governors has approved the formation of the Lancaster County Club Foundation, a 501(c)(3) entity.  The overriding purpose of the LCC Foundation is to house the In Gee Chun Lancaster Country Club Educational Foundation.  This entity was created in collaboration with In Gee with the intention of providing needed financial assistance to those seeking educational opportunities.  The recipients will include our caddies, employees of the club and their dependents.

In Gee would support this initiative not only with her financial support but also with her time. That's not a commitment to be taken lightly as a young lady traveling the world on the LPGA Tour. Time is not a luxury for her. But despite the logistical challenges of fitting even more into a very tight schedule, coming back to Lancaster and supporting the Foundation is of critical importance to In Gee.

The formation of the foundation is in keeping with In Gee's efforts to promote education in South Korea and her commitment to her relationship with Lancaster. What a wonderful thing for Lancaster Country Club - all because of a special young lady from halfway across the world who loves our community and loves fireflies.


Q: What is the background to the formation of the Foundation?

A: In Gee Chun has quietly been supporting the Lancaster community since her 2015 USWO victory at our Club. In discussions with her, it became apparent that she wanted to focus her contributions more on education. This resulted in the formation of the Foundation with the specific intent of benefiting LCC caddies, LCC employees and their dependents as they seek to further their educational pursuits.


Q: How are funds raised?

A: In Gee is committed to visiting LCC on a regular basis to assist in fundraising efforts. Her visit in May along with the generous support of our membership, raised over $50,000. Naturally, any contributions received outside these events will be graciously accepted.


Q: Are contributions to the Foundation tax deductible?

A: Yes. The Foundation is registered as a 501(c)(3) corporation under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. As such, the Foundation must also distribute at least 5% of its assets annually. Applicants must apply for grants and be interviewed by the Foundation. Successful applicants will have their awards credited to their financial account at their school.


Q: Who oversees the Foundation?

A: The LCC Board of Governors elects the members of the Foundation Board. Members are elected for a two-year term and may serve two terms. Terms begin on March 1 of the calendar year. The Foundation Board has six voting members: Garth Sprecher, Jody Kegel, Fred Clark, Lauren Stadel, Rory Connaughton, Christina Starzyk, and Ryan Granruth.

Scholarships are available to LCC employees and their dependents only. If you would like an application, please contact the foundation office by completing the form below.

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