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Club Policies


Clubhouse Dress Code
Flynn Grille   Lunch & Dinner


Flynn Bar  Lunch & Dinner


Oak Room  Dinner

Business Casual

19th Hole  Lunch & Dinner


Club Events  Lunch & Dinner

Casual, Business, Casual, Formal, Black Tie, or Relaxed as specifically indicated in the announcement of the event.

Golf attire, tennis attire, business attire with neatly pressed, properly fitting slacks with appropriate shirt with collar or mock collar. Men must remove hats, visors or caps when indoors. Tasteful, properly fitted blue denim attire is permitted Fridays after 4:00 p.m. From January 1st through March 31st, tasteful properly fitted blue denim is permitted after 4:00 p.m. all evenings. Blue denim is inclusive of jeans, skirts and shirts. Frayed, mottled, cutoff or grunge denims are not considered tasteful.

Business Casual
Suits and sport coats are required with collared or mock collared shirts and neatly pressed and properly fitted slacks. Ties are optional. Women may wear dresses and skirts, business suits, pants suits, and dress slacks with appropriate tops. Boys under age twelve (12) are not required to wear jackets.

Jackets and ties for gentlemen, including business suits or blazer with tie and dress slacks. For women, dresses and skirts, business suits, formal pants suits, and dress pants with appropriate tops. Boys and girls under age twelve (12) are not required to be in formal attire.

The Dress Code may be relaxed in the case of special parties, Club events, themed events, costume or otherwise, but only where announcements of such events specifically provide the dress may be other than what is defined for an area of the Club.

Golf Course Dress Code (revised as of 12/01/14)
The Lancaster Country Club's course is among the best in the country. We take great pride in this. This pride should reflect itself in our attire when we play the course. All members, including juniors, must follow the dress code while on the golf course and all practice facilities. Members are expected to inform their guests of the dress code in advance so as to avoid embarrassment.

Apparel that is specifically designed for golf will be considered acceptable attire. However, members are encouraged to consider common sense, respect for tradition, modesty, and the comfort level of fellow members when making casual attire dress code decisions that are also age appropriate.

Men and Boy's Dress Code
All golf shirts must have a collar or mock collar. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Traditional "Bermuda" shorts are permitted, but they must be no shorter than four (4) inches from the middle of the knee as measured while standing. All hats, visors, and caps must be worn with the bills to the front, and outdoors only. Hats, visors and caps may not be worn in the Clubhouse.

Women and Girl's Dress Code
Golf shirts may have short sleeves, long sleeves or sleeveless. Shirts without collars must have sleeves. Any type of tank top or halter top is not permitted. Golf shorts, skirts, dresses, and slacks are considered acceptable golf attire. Tasteful, specifically designed golf attire for juniors will be considered acceptable. Tasteful, specifically designed golf attire for women must be no shorter than mid-thigh.

All Golfers
Denim jeans, cargo pants, athletic shorts and sweat clothes are not appropriate golf attire. Only approved golf shoes with non-penetrating spikes or sneakers are permitted. The changing of shoes and/or clothes must be done in the locker rooms. Neatness in dress is always a prerequisite and extremely important.

The Golf Pro Shop staff will be expected to enforce the above dress code.

LCC Tennis Dress Code
All players must wear non-marking, smooth-soled tennis shoes. Running shoes are not allowed. All players must wear appropriate tennis attire.

Appropriate tennis attire includes shirts with sleeves, shirts with or without collars, skirts, and shorts manufactured by a tennis apparel company and intended to be worn for racquet sports. With all clothing, the preference is white or predominantly white, although white is not required.

Cellular Phone Policy (revised 10-26-2010)
Cellular phones and PDAs are only permitted on the campus on silent or vibrate mode. Calls in approved areas on the campus should be discrete and as brief as possible.

Receiving and making calls are permitted in the Ladies' and Men's Locker Rooms, the coatroom areas and the telephone book under the stairs in the Center Lounge. A cellular phone may be used in a room in use for a business meeting that is not open to the general membership. Texts and emails may be checked and sent discretely anywhere in the Clubhouse.
Golf Course
Cellular phones and PDAs are only permitted on the golf course on silent or vibrate mode. Texts and emails may be checked and sent discretely, however, cellular phone conversations are not permitted on the golf course or golf practice areas except as follows:
  1. To report a violation of Club rules.
  2. To advise the Pro Shop of slow play.
  3. In the case of an emergency.
  4. By use of a physician in the course of his/her professional duties.
Swimming Pool
Cellular phone conversations are permitted in the Bathhouses, the Pool Office or in your car in the parking lot. Texts and emails may be checked or sent discretely anywhere in the pool area.
Cellular phones and PDAs are permitted on silent or vibrate mode. Texts and emails may be checked or sent discretely. Please limit your cell phone conversations to the locker rooms or the Pro Shop area.

 Smoking Policy (updated 4/22/14)
The Lancaster Country Club Clubhouse is a smoke-free facility except for the Men's 19th Hole and the Women's Locker Room Lounge where cigarette and e-cigarette smoking is permitted. Cigar and pipe smoking is permitted any time in the Men's 19th Hole except during Hazards and when other Lancaster Country Club sponsored mixed social events are held in the Men's 19th Hole. Smoking is not allowed in any other areas of the Clubhouse, Pool Bathhouses, and Tennis Pro Shop. Cigarette, e-cigarette, cigar and pipe smoking is permitted in the outside areas of the Clubhouse such as the terrace (not adjacent to diners), swimming pool (designated areas only), golf courses, practice areas, and racquet venues. Members and guests are expected to exercise care and the proper disposal of all smoking residue.